Today’s lesson is about positioning? Are you perfectly positioned in the marketplace?

Have you set your business apart from the competition so that you have preference in the marketplace?  Has your product/service connected with its audience?

To achieve perfect positioning, you would have or should have already considered the following in deciding what product or service to offer; conducting the appropriate market testing and getting  feedback from the people you know and trust,  thereby getting an idea of WHO would want to buy WHAT you are selling?

Also, do you have clarity as to how you will show up in the marketplace? How will you be different? Are you entering based on:

  1. Characteristics
  2. Price
  3. Quality
  4. Use
  5. Improving an Existing Product
  6. Luxury or Status Symbol

Whatever point of difference you choose you are telling the marketplace that your choice is in sync with your experience, interests and qualifications.  That is, your business will thrive and grow supported by your particular skillset and abilities. Great!  This means the product/service you will be delivering should be of the highest quality because you have what it takes to make THAT happen!

If you are not perfectly positioned, it will show up in the following ways:

  1. You are unable to influence consumer perception
  2. Margins are low relative to the competition
  3. Loss of market share.

In the end, while positioning has to do with choosing the right product and market, it is really about the ability of that product or service to create a connection with its customers through their experiences.  In essence, the feeling it creates within them.