Salomie Chung, Small business Consultant

Salomie Chung

Business Longevity Strategist

Business Longevity Strategies – Salomie Chung

Creating a Legacy Through Longevity

As a Business Longevity Strategist, I am focused on reinventing the existing business paradigm and processes to create alignment with the changing business landscape. To do this, I create and immerse my proprietary “Intuitive Business Model” into your business, teaching you how to harness the power of intuition and combine it with existing data and analytics for the best outcomes.

Being able to do this successfully gives you, the business owner, the ability to predict market forces, evolving trends, and technological advances that could cause your business to fail if you are not proactive.

Having this extraordinary skill enables you to develop new products and services in response to the knowledge sparked by your intuitive mastery. This positions your business ahead of the competition. It will become a market leader and, over time, a legacy company.

My clients fail to recognize and respond to potential threats because the fast-paced business landscape offers limited reaction time. And, because you, the business owner, are preoccupied with the daily management of the business, there is a need for a longevity strategist to be your guiding force.


Because we also believe in infinite thought and possibilities related to business, we have adopted a guiding principle centered on service to the community. It is in serving others that we find fulfillment and success.

At Salomie Chung Small Business Consulting, we exist to deliver unparalleled results to our customers. We will do this by aligning our core values with the strategies designed to yield desired business outcomes. They are:

  • An Ethical Foundation
  • Uncompromising Customer Service
  • Profitability
  • Innovation
  • Differentiation
  • Environmental Responsibility

Our company envisions its future position in the business realm as being an architect of change in the structure of existing business operations by becoming an influential player in the sector both nationally and internationally.

Existing business structures are not conducive to the success of emerging small businesses. Changes to the financial and governmental systems would allow for an environment that breeds growth for the small business sector and the economy.

The actions it takes to succeed in business often do not serve but rather result in the pain and misery of others. Where necessary and possible, we will support, through philanthropic efforts, those negatively affected by the post-productive actions of businesses with the strategies, tools, and resources to help them and their communities recover and thrive.