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AmSpirit Business Connections is more than just a networking group for entrepreneurs, sales representatives, and professionals. Its members build lasting relationships based on knowing, liking, and trusting each other. From these relationships, members learn how to network, with whom to network, and when and where to network to create professional relationships that yield qualified business referrals.

Womens Prosperity Network

Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN) is a community of extraordinary women committed to excellence, success & significance. WPN maximizes your opportunities through the spirit of coopetition and multiplies your results with the power of strong connections and lasting relationships.

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thirdpowerIT is a managed IT services provider helping companies to operate their business without worrying about IT & cybersecurity problems.  At its core, the company believes that every customer is our partner.  Each relationship is driven by flexibility, ease, and trust.

Boundry Breakers

From strategic innovation to resolving complex challenges, our progressive consulting drives business success. Our tailored strategies consistently deliver measurable results, empowering clients to thrive in dynamic markets.


The dome shape has been embraced by societies throughout history because of its innate strength, great use of space and efficient use of materials; and because of its comforting energy, when compared to conventional structures.