Write a book. This goal has appeared on my list of resolutions for more years than I care to remember. Ive started and stopped and started and stopped and started… I make the excuse that its because life happens – no time, money, support etc; but truly the primary reason for inaction has been a lack of focus.

Ironically, the COVID lifestyle we are currently inhabiting has been a curse for obvious reasons and a blessing in disguise. The silver lining behind a very large, dark cloud gave me time to reflect, regret and reset. A friend suggested I write a blog while I decide if the collection of prose, journal entries and reflections have the makings of a New York Times bestseller. Nothing else would do. But what would I write about? I asked myself: What do you I know most about and how can I be of service to readers?

Since I have a business degree and have started multiple businesses I decided that I would focus on business analysis with a twist. I did not want to approach business from a technical, balance sheet perspective but instead to explore business dynamics and whether it is regressing in its relationship with its greatest resource – people. As technology is moving apace to replace humans are workers preparing and is business trying to devise a way for the two to co-exist? In short, is business could best serve them and ultimately community. There are some cutting edge companies ala Microsoft that encourage freedom of thought but this concept is by no means mainstream.

Could employees be allowed not just to contribute ideas as part of a job description but to actually get credit for them? Become pseudo contractors that are allowed to play a part in the shepherding of ideas from concept to completion and share in the profits. I daresay that were such a concept introduced, it will jolt workers who are sleepwalking through a job into people who are more productive and excited to partake in the growth and development of said organization.

The goal therefore of this blog is to make thought provoking observations and suggestions in rattling the way business leaders think and manage.

Inspire Infinite Possibilities.