Expansion & Growth


The Expansion & Growth Package is for all businesses that need to learn how to scale their business. We help you to;

  • Find funding options
  • How to create teams
  • Keep records
  • Accounting
  • Learn growth strategies
  • 2 one-on-one consultations to be sure you are getting the best use of this package




A business needs funding to grow, expand and achieve profitability.  There are many business funding options available.  That does not mean it’s easy to find financing.  It can be difficult, and the inability to find funding is one of the main reasons businesses fail. It is essential to determine which funding source is the best fit for your particular business.

Some sources to consider are:

  • The funding source to start with is yourself
  • Loans from friends and family. Sometimes friends or family members will provide loans
  • Credit cards
  • Crowdfunding sites
  • Bank loans
  • Angel investors
  • Venture capital

Team Formation

Even the most innovative entrepreneurs cannot scale from an idea to actualized success without the help of a team. There’s too much work for one person to do alone. As good as a business idea might be, it cannot be a good business without a dynamic team working cohesively to execute a shared business plan.

The business team you assemble should contain complementary skill sets such that the entire group of people can accomplish tasks that you, as the team leader, could not do on your own. And consider your competition: your rival isn’t going to be one person. It’s going to be a fully realized company with its corporate structure, its own company culture, and its unique group of individuals who themselves bring years of experience.

Record Keeping

Every transaction, interaction, and the task should be recorded daily.  This information is crucial for accounting as well as tax purposes.

According to the IRS, tax returns should be kept for three to seven years, depending on the situation. But, if you don’t file a return, the IRS recommends keeping “records indefinitely.” Keep federal tax returns, including payroll tax records, for seven years to stay on the safe side.


The accounting process starts with analyzing financial transactions and entering the business entity into the accounting system. For example, loans taken for personal reasons are not included in the business documents.

One can choose to do their books by using accounting software such as Quickbooks to keep track of all your transactions.  Or, if your business has consistent revenues, you could consider hiring an accountant to make sure you are adhering to all business laws and requirements.

Growth Strategies

Most businesses have plans to grow their business and increase sales and profits. There are numerous methods companies could use for implementing a growth strategy. A company’s approach to expanding its business is largely contingent upon its financial situation, competition, and even government regulation. Common business growth strategies include market penetration, market expansion, product expansion, diversification, and acquisition.

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